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Published in Kitchens' Sink by Kevin L. Kitchens on November 14, 2006 15:51

Ok... so this is supposed to be a blog, where I, as photographer, get to post and share some of my own images as well as discuss the process behind them. But in the course of developing this website as well as real-life issues, time has not been my friend. But finally I've gotten a moment to dig through my stash. And this flower is the result:

Nothing really spectacular, just a nice purple flower, perhaps even a weed? I'd love if someone could tell me what it is. It was growing at my in-laws' new house and I took some a few weeks ago that came out pretty poor because flash was required. I was back with some time during daylight and tried again. Hearty little bugger, since the other flowers in the vicinity were starting to dethrive from the cold.

As for the processing, used my normal PSP routines. One thing I've learned however, is that in post-processing, your routines must be variable. (Does that make them still routine?) But you have to gauge each step by the photo and the result. Don't just assume the what works for one image will work with every one. You have to assess and reassess. I've seen some great shots come in on the POTD contest where the photographers are forgetting this... and apply the same sharpening levels to each photo. It may work great on an landscape, but those animals and flowers look really bad.

Sorry, that's my deep thought for the day.

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