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Thematics are designed to encourage members to take photographs daily using a specific technique or subject. This is not a competition, but a training, teaching, demonstration and most of all FUN exercise.

Each thematic is open for a specified period of time and during that period a single photo may be uploaded EACH DAY for comment, criticism, praise, inquiry, etc. There are no ratings for images submitted to the thematic category.

Thematics come in three basic types: Open, Technique and Subject.

  • Open Thematics allow members to simply showoff or foster member-to-member assistance in editing, composition, lighting, exposure, etc.
  • Technique Thematics involve using a specific photographic or processing technique of any subject you desire.
  • Subject Thematics define a specific or general subject category and you can then take photos using any technique you like.

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From the
POTD Archive

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Whisper Down the Lane
Teri Moyer

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Swamp Cypress
Jason Rearick

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Catching Some Rays
Corri Garza

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Constitution Ave. Was Busy This Day
Joe Beaner

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Meowy Christmas
Gerri Jones

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