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Photo of the Day Submission Requirements

We welcome every member to participate in the photographyvoice.com Photo of the Day competition. These simple guidelines should clarify any questions you might have about your entries.

Usage Rights ( perpetual )

By submitting your photo for POTD consideration, you are giving photographyvoice.com the perpetual right to display the photo on the site for POTD purposes.

This simply means that if selected as a photo of the day, photographyvoice.com is forever permitted to display that photo (with proper credit to the photographer) on this site or any of its alternate display methods. The photographer retains all rights to the photograph and we will NOT sell any submitted or selected photos.

Entry Limits ( up to 32 )

To make things fair for all entrants, each user is limited to a maximum of 32 active entries. There are no per-category limits. If you presently have more entries than this limit, they will remain active, but no more submissions will be accepted until your count falls below this number. You can use the Account Summary page to track and remove images.

Dimensions ( between 450 and 800 pixels )

Photos dimensions must be no less than 450 pixels on the shortest side and no more than 800 pixels on the largest side.. So 450x450 or larger! We will automatically resize your photo down to 800 pixels on the longest side when you upload. If you want more control over how we see your shot, don't submit larger than 800x800.

File Size ( under 500K )

Photos must be under 500 KBytes in size.

Text/Borders ( not allowed )

No borders, text, or other indications of copyright. We display a copyright disclaimer with your photo if selected.

Editing ( basic only* )

Basic post-processing (crop, resize, minor cloning, color adjustments, denoising, etc.) is allowed for all categories except the Photographic Art & HDR category where nearly anything goes. HDR/Orton photos should be submitted to the open category and noted as such in the comments.

That said, except for the Photographic Art and HDR category, photos should be from single images, with EXIF information intact if at all possible.

When multiple images are used it should be for layering or color effect -- not for photo "compositing" where pieces of multiple photos are combined to create a new "scene".

Content ( family friendly, kid safe )

No nudity, boudoir, swimsuit or risque photos will be considered. Photography is fun for all ages and as such, photographyvoice.com is as well.

Consideration Period ( two weeks )

Photos will be in the running for two weeks from the date submitted.

Age of Photo ( within the last 90 days )

At the time of submissions, Photos should be no older than 90 days from the original capture. Let's keep our work fresh! NOTE: You're on your honor here, it is very hard to police images, but several have submitted very old photos which are great, but also well past 90 days.

Digital Only

Obviously film cameras still take excellent photographs, but photographyvoice.com is focused on digital photography only. No scans or digital "prints" from film cameras, please.

We look forward to seeing your work and hope you will let your friends and collegues know of photographyvoice.com.

Winners will be announced at midnight eastern time daily.

All photographs and their copyright remain the sole property of the photographer and may not be used or reproduced elsewhere without their express permission.

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