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Rest in Peace, Larissa Marie Stickles

Published in Kitchens' Sink by Kevin L. Kitchens on April 13, 2007 02:10

Thanks to all who are reading this. In my WPD entry, I mentioned my nieces and their mother were in a car wreck last Thursday April 5. Today (April 12) the oldest and seemingly best recovering, 14 year old "Lacey" passed away in Atlanta Medical Center. She apparently had a heart attack or coronary something or other. Since this hospital is right near my office, I stopped there each morning including today. She was speaking and complaining as any teenager would in the hospital. And now she's gone.

Her sister Kadee is still in ICU at a different hospital while she heals, but she is still in critical condition. Kadee looks older, but she's only 13 herself.

These pictures were taken this past December.

I know Lacey is in a better place, as she was not only my niece, but my sister in the Lord.

Thanks for indulging me this.

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ellen hodges commented on October 11, 2009 20:55:
God bless and keep Lacey and hope that Kadee has recovered well. My son was hit by a driver under the influence on July 26th but is recovering well, thank God! Very beautiful portrait of Lacey!
anna stickles commented on March 29, 2010 23:18:
I miss Lacey SO MUCH!Every day i take a breathe it feels like my last, without her.I know that God has a better plan that we cannot see, BUT then God only knows how bad it hurts not having her in my arms. I just pray that everyday that I live only brings me one day closer to living with the Lord and Lacey forever.She was like no other. I can honestly say that I could not ask for better daughters "Lacey, Kadee and Adrianna" are my inspiration and I cherish their presence in my life everyday.Lacey you are mi

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