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POTD Rules Violation?

Published in Site Feedback by Kevin L. Kitchens on October 15, 2006 00:30

Joy is back again with a great question:

Um...just wondering...your rules suggest that photos be no more than 60 days old, and today's General photo was POTD at [another site] way back on 1-31-06. I thought it looked really familiar?

Are we allowed to submit old photos from our files?

Just wondering. Thank you.

The 60-day rule is an honor system which unfortunately, some have not been observing. However, we will not revoke a winner after it's been named. Because some people forget to save their EXIF information after post-processing and our current system does not allow us to see the hidden details of a photo until after it's been selected as a winner. So catching older photos isn't as easy as those with borders or size problems.

Good eye catching that photo and remembering from way back. Our memory isn't that good. Of course that photo in question IS a memorable one.

The full rules are on the POTD Entry Page.

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