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More POTD Age comments...

Published in Site Feedback by Kevin L. Kitchens on October 19, 2006 23:57

Couple of interesting comments have come in on our age requirement for the POTD competition. Thank you everyone for writing! Here are some of them -- I'll leave the names out, however.

First there was this:

Your "Keep it Fresh" rule is one of the best things about this site, because it keeps us clicking on a daily basis. I also enjoy reading your blog. Cute pup!

I agree our puppy is cute, thanks. I also wanted to make sure the photos we feature are recent so the site is "fresh" and interesting to all. But this seems to have angered a few.

Ok so I just read the 60 days rule. No offense to your site but I think that rule is kinda out there. You have to realize that most of us are amatuers that have a daytime job as well, and this is not the only site we submitt[sic] to. In my case, I go on a trip, take a lot of pictures and sit on them until I have time to do some post processing. This website is great, that rule is not. I would really appreciate it if you would consider waiving that rule.

I do appreciate that most of us are amatuers. As I stated in my blog, I get busy too and cannot get around to processing stuff as fast as I'd like. So I can relate to this very well.

However, the counter to this is that we're getting a lot of submissions from well-known photographers (at least in POTD circles) who take some EXCELLENT photos. The downside is these photos have won on other sites, some of them many months in the past. So a few are submitting older photos from their collection and the rule was to prevent that. We've already picked several that turned out to be "old news" in the DP community and that doesn't do anyone good.

Another benefit of this rule is that newer photographers stand a chance against some of the better known folks. I know it's very frustrating on other sites to see the same names over and over each day.

So what to do?

What about changing to photos up to 90 days old....this winter the guys in Canada may not get out for px, but will be editing their collection and may be more likely to post given an extra 30 days.

An excellent suggestion and one I think will address the main goals of this rule without being overly hindering to those with limited time.

So effective immediately, the POTD age rule is extended to 90 days old -- so the photo should have been TAKEN within the past 90 days from the date submitted.

I hope this works for everyone out there!

What do you think? Take a minute to let us know via the Contact Us page.

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