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Bugged about categories?

Published in Site Feedback by Kevin L. Kitchens on November 01, 2006 13:19

Lyn Winans whined:

Love this site ... it's great to have something new and different. I do want to ask (moan, LOL) about a couple of things though. Being a northerner, I'm finding some of the catagories/theme a bit challenging given the 90 day limit. Short of crawling around in the basement we will soon be devoid of "bugs" ;>) Also, colours and harvest may work well further south, but the colours/harvest won't cut it here after today, too late. Was wondering if you'd consider backing the theme up a bit and maybe extending bugs to macro at some point.

Thanks ... from the people in the igloos

I understand your concern. We recently got some feedback from folks in Australia where they schedule their seasons differently from the USA. Come on! Really! Seriously though, I think there are enough categories to allow anyone to submit anything throughout the year. Plus, there is always crawling around in the basement.

As for a macro category, it is something definitely on the list for future growth. Some very good macro-shutter"bugs" out there.

Also Kerry Haines complained:

Would it be possible to include a B&W category as part of your POTD contest? I suspect many enjoy capturing images in this format. Rather than using your diverse "Open/Abstract" category, perhaps a separate B&W option would prompt additional interest. Thanks for your time.

Thanks for your time as well. Another good suggestion and one that is on the list for the future.

And Peter posed:

Ever consider a category for sports/action shots?

We have now.

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