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New Hampshire
United States of America
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April 08, 2007 (4954 days)
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November 08, 2012
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Dave Menard
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Canon Digital Rebel
Canon EOS 350-D / Canon Digital Rebel XT
Panasonic Lumix LX-3
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Art & Abstract

"Reflections of..."
Panasonic Lumix LX-3
Animals & Wildlife

"End of the Campaign Trail"
Canon EOS 350-D / Canon Digital Rebel XT
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Art & Abstract
* Animals & Wildlife
World in Pictures Day Entries (click to view larger version)

"Peace Cranes"
World in Pictures Day XVIII - 09-11 10th Anniversary
September 11, 2011

World in Pictures Day XVI (10-10-10)
October 10, 2010

"Vermont Country Store"
World in Pictures (Independence) Day XV
July 04, 2010

"Old Standby"
World in Pictures Day XIV
March 13, 2010

"Nicer Ice"
World in Pictures Day XIII
December 12, 2009

"Clearing Skies"
World in Pictures Day XI
June 06, 2009

"Winter Takes a Break"
World in Pictures Day X
March 07, 2009

"Red, White, Blue and Grey Skies"
World in Pictures (888) Day VIII
August 08, 2008

World in Pictures (Memorial) Day VII
May 26, 2008

"No Hiding From Winter in New Hampshire"
World in Pictures (Leap) Day VI
February 29, 2008

"That Time of Year in NH"
World in Pictures Day IV
October 06, 2007

"S.O.S. 7-7-07"
World in Pictures Day III
July 07, 2007

"Sometimes Spring Needs a Nudge"
World in Pictures Day II
April 07, 2007


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