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Photo of the Day ~ Flowers & Plants Category ~ September 21, 2008

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Flowing Into Fall
by Patrice Cigallio Wesa (Patrice Cigallio) 
Canon PowerShot S3IS
Bessemer Township, Michigan
United States of America

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Melinda Schneider commented on September 21, 2008 00:29:
A wonderful image, Patrice! I love the movement of the water. Congratulations!! Melinda
Winston Rockwell commented on September 21, 2008 00:59:
i really like this composition, Patrice. the leaves seem a bit oversaturated, but other than that, this is a lovely shot!
Ronnie Humerickhouse commented on September 21, 2008 03:12:
Patrice,,,that is a very nice composition,,,the water flowing & the bright Red leaves is perfect...I like them just the way you did them,,,I was up to Ewin a couple of days ago,,,Fall is here,,,Congrats!! Ron
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on September 21, 2008 04:46:
Thanks so much for featuring one of my images today, KK, much appreciated. Thanks so much too Melinda, Winston & Ronnie for your much appreciated comments. I just checked my editing notes for this image and actually, there was no saturation applied...just darkened with the addition of contrast & sharpened. F8 & 1/13 second shutter speed. Sometimes one can find leaves with unusually bright colors such as these are. In attempting to saturate falls leaves in a comp such as this one, I surprisingly found
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on September 21, 2008 04:51:
(cont') that it can blow out some of the colors...especially affecting the yellows and the greens so therefore, it was avoided.
Kirsten Kjaer commented on September 21, 2008 06:14:
WONDERFUL fall image, Pat. I always get a little sad when summer ends and it gets colder and colder. But images like yours brightens my day. The colors are so beautiful! I love the composition and the combination of calm beauty of the rock and leaves and at the same time the flow and the fast movement of the water. The flow of life - and you captured it so beautifully. Big congrats on this terrific win.
Teri Moyer commented on September 21, 2008 07:39:
Beautiful image, Patrice. Love the colors and water flow. Congratulations on this very nice POTD!
Monnie Ryan commented on September 21, 2008 08:38:
Beautiful, creative photo, Patrice! The leaves are so colorful. Love to see them even though it means winter is too close at hand for comfort. Congratulations!
Kumiko Parkinson commented on September 21, 2008 08:58:
Great fall colors and great find, Pat! Fantastic textures of the water on the rock -so smooth!! -, and the flowing part - fresh! Congratulations!
Dee Langevin commented on September 21, 2008 09:07:
So glad to see this photo here Pat! Terrific composition showing the lively action of the water with the beautiful bright fall colors drawing your eye in. Well done! Congratulations on your POTD!
ellen hodges commented on September 21, 2008 09:37:
Beautiful capture, Patrice. congrats!!
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on September 21, 2008 09:47:
Thanks so much Kirsten, Teri, Monnie, Kumiko, Dee & Ellen for comments...very much appreciated!
Kathy Shogren commented on September 21, 2008 10:05:
Beautiful job and composition Patrice. Big congrats on POTD!
Robin-Lee Vieira commented on September 21, 2008 10:28:
I have Fall Fever, and this just the cure! Beautiful color & detail in these first of Fall leaves, and the waterfall captured beautifully to compliment! An excellent capture showing the beauty of nature and the loveliness of the season! Big Congrats Patrice!!
Leif Kjaer commented on September 21, 2008 11:33:
Congrats on your POTD, dear Pat. It's so beautiful fallcolurs and a terrific composition. Fantastic!
Dov Oron commented on September 21, 2008 11:34:
All has been said above, I'll just add that the beauty of this shot is breathtaking, and I could look at it for a long long time. Big congrats on this one
Linn Smith commented on September 21, 2008 12:21:
The soft flow of the water with the rich selection of colorful leaves resting on the rocks present an amazing work of art! The tones throughout are very lovely and the clarity and beautiful lighting really brings out the details of the beautiful leaves! Congratulations on an excellent win today, Pat!
Caj Källmalm commented on September 21, 2008 12:38:
Nice glowing leaves you got there! Leaves a warm impression! Congratulations on the POTD!
Al Mullen commented on September 21, 2008 13:19:
Great fall shot Pat.
mike marshall commented on September 21, 2008 13:49:
Lovely image, Patrice. The rushing water frames your focal point so nicely and the colour and texture of the wet rocks do such a good job of highlighting the leaves. Excellent POTD!
Joyce Webley commented on September 21, 2008 16:41:
I love the way the color is above and below the water, Patrice! The texture of the water is beautiful. And you're right about fall leaves - they already have their own beautiful, rich colors! Congratulations!
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on September 21, 2008 17:48:
Thanks so much Kathy, Robin-Lee, Leif, Don, Linn, Caj, Al, Mike & Joyce for your kind comments and for taking the time to do so also...appreciated all.
Douglas Perry commented on September 24, 2008 06:32:
Very nice. Love the colors and detail. Congrats!
susie peek-swint commented on October 03, 2008 17:47:
I love the position of the 3 bright leaves resting above the rushing water.. really lovely image ~ many congrats!

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