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50 Lighting Setups for Portrait Photographers [LINK]
Steven H. Begleiter [LINK]
Amherst Media [LINK]
Reviewed by
Kevin L. Kitchens
Review Publication Date
December 03, 2008

$34.95 from Amherst Media
It’s been said that professional photographers worry only about the light. Admittedly, through light we not only expose our subjects but conceal them, reveal character, and create mood. In Steven H Begleiter’s book “50 Lighting Setups for Portrait Photographers” he breaks through the textbook jargon to deliver exactly what he promises in the title.

After a short introductory (albeit very educational) section on lighting basics, the rest of the book is simply chaptered as Case Study 1 through 50. In each case study, Begleiter presents a full page portrait and then explains in detail the circumstances behind the shot, what he was trying to achieve, the equipment used, camera settings, and most importantly the lighting setup.

Included with each study is a now-standard overhead diagram showing the position of the subject, camera, lights, reflectors, gobos, and any props elemental to the shot. He clearly explains why each item is needed to achieve the overall goal in that particular portrait.

“50 Lighting Setups” is a fascinating and enjoyable read. It’s an excellent ready reference you’ll come back to time and again for ideas and inspiration. Begleiter has delivered a book that is for anyone looking to bring their portraiture up several notches, from simple family gatherings to client sessions to formal events.

photographyvoice.com gives “50 Lighting Setups for Portrait Photographers” a rating of Recommended.

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