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Rick Sammon On-Location Lighting Kit and Tote [LINK]
F.J. Westcott Co. [LINK]
Reviewed by
Kevin L. Kitchens
Review Publication Date
July 27, 2009

The Kit includes a 30" dual-sided reflector, 30" 2-stop diffuser, Micro Apollo flash modifier, and 12" carry case.
The Rick Sammon On-Location Lighting Kit and Tote is an invaluable addition to any photographer’s collection of gear: both for on-location shooting as well as the studio. The Kit includes a 30” square diffuser panel, 30” square reflector panel, Micro Apollo flash mounted modifier, and carrying case.

The diffuser and reflector panels collapse into the 12” case for easy portability and storage. It takes a little practice (it’s all in the wrists) to get them to collapse, but once you figure out the technique, it’s fairly easy to get them down to their smaller size. Each panel is solidly constructed and includes a strap for holding or hanging from a stand. The reflector is two sided giving the choice between silver and sunlight (gold) reflection. The diffuser panel reduces light passing through by two f-stops in addition to spreading the light, reducing sharp shadows.

The Micro Apollo is especially nifty and never leaves my camera bag; I’ve grown that accustomed to having it around. The Apollo mounts to your flash via a pair of Velcro strips attached to the sides of your flash and to the internal arms. The open end of the “umbrella” is elastic fitted to hug your flash head snug. The interior of the umbrella is silver lined to provide maximum pop. The front end is translucent white for diffusing the flash output.

The Rick Sammon On-Location Lighting Kit and Tote is produced and sold by F.J. Westcott Co. and retails for $139.90. For its indispensible ease of use and versatility, photographyvoice .com gives this Kit a rating of Highly Recommended.

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Dalton commented on April 28, 2011 16:22:
IMHO you've got the right asnewr!

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