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8 Million Dollar Home [LINK]
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Reviewed by
Kevin L. Kitchens
Review Publication Date
January 21, 2010

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Need a Messenger?
8 Million Dollar Home Bag
Offers space galore.

Using the silencers comes in handy
when you’re
shooting in a
... situation where
quiet matters

The "8 Million Dollar Home" bag from Crumpler Bags continues their popular Million Dollar Home line and raises the bar yet again. The $8M is a stylish messenger bag made of water resistant material with color accents giving the bag a cool and classy touch. The model I reviewed was grey with bright red accents. Being a messenger-style bag, the inner sections are covered by a flap covering the top and front. The flap is held down with Velcro and clip-locks for security.

The 8 Million Dollar bag from Crumpler offers plenty of room for your gear.
This leads to one of the coolest and innovative features of the $8M. Silencers on the front of the bag are tucked behind where the cover's Velcro connections are made. You can pull these silencers out and cover the Velcro patches and when you do you they prevent the annoying ripppppp-ing sound every time you open the bag. The silencers can be returned to their compartments tucked away if you want the closure security the Velcro affords. Using the silencers comes in handy when you're shooting in a church, concert, or other situation where quiet matters.

One disappointment was that the main flap, when folded over the back of the bag, raises up about five inches. This makes it difficult to carry on your shoulder in an open position while maneuvering. The $8M's shoulder strap is made of thick rip-stop vinyl strapping and had a thick and comfortable should pad (wrapped and secured with Velcro). The strap has reinforced stitching where it connects to the bag. A well padded, sturdy carrying handle as well as small strips on the side for attaching accessory bags and pouches round out the external features.

Inside, the $8M consists of a large main inner pocket with a flap covering the top and full front of the bag. The main pocket is quite spacious, with padded dividers and room for two full-size DSLRs with attached lenses as well as your flash or other gear. A removable laptop sleeve made from the same material as the dividers is also included. Unfortunately this is only for smaller 13” laptops or netbooks.

In front of the main area is a Velcro sealed compartment containing a mesh pocket on one side and a padded pocket on the other. The reverse side of the cover flap has a zippered pouch made of mesh netting. These inner pockets are great for smaller accessories and manuals.

Overall the 8 Million Dollar Home from Crumpler is a great bag suitable for carrying a good portion of your gear. For its space and utility, the $8M receives a photographyvoice.com rating of RECOMMENDED. It is available several colors and retails for $170.00.

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