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Review: SlingShot AW300

SlingShot AW300 [LINK]
Lowepro [LINK]
Reviewed by
Kevin L. Kitchens
Review Publication Date
March 08, 2008

Lowepro has long been one of the most respected makers of camera bags and after the time I’ve been using their SlingShot AW 300 backpack I would have to agree. The AW300 is high quality from top to bottom and it seems that no detail has been overlooked by the designers.

High quality
from top
to bottom
No space is wasted in the AW300 either. The bag consists of a large main chamber, a smaller upper chamber, and an extra outer pocket. All three are accessed with zippers that move smoothly with no snags. The bag features locking clips that prevent the main chamber zippers from opening fully when you only want to access to the chamber’s top-load section. At the top of the bag has a small finger grip handle for easy lifting.

Lowepro's SlingShot AW300
As a sling, the AW300 employs a single diagonally positioned shoulder strap. This shoulder/chest part of the strap is wide and well padded, while the size-adjustable section is standard nylon. For wearing the bag longer periods of time, the AW300 has an adjustable waist strap. Additionally, as an added comfort, the backrest of the bag is also very nicely padded. Three SlipLock loops are positioned around the bag for attaching other accessories and pouches.

I’m a pretty big guy and the AW300 cleared my shoulders with room to spare. It’s also very comfortable to tote and relatively weightless without gear – and feels that way even fully loaded because the weight is distributed so ergonomically. The bag rotates smoothly on the strap and I had no problem pulling it around to the front and returning it to the carry position.

The large main chamber is separated into three channels, a T-shaped center channel and two smaller side channels. The center channel is accessible in top load mode and will hold a large DSLR fitted with even some of the longest lenses. Five padded dividers allow customization of the channels however you see fit though typically one is used in the center channel to cushion a camera and two are used in each of the side channels to create six compartments for storing lenses, filters, batteries, etc. The walls between the channels are thickly padded as well so gear is going to be well protected inside the AW300. Each of these walls is removable as well, giving you the option of making a single large chamber.

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