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World in Pictures Day I Entry ~ Ted Cook

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Redwood Highway
by Ted Cook (Ted) 
Nikon D-50
Highway 101, Humboldt County California
United States of America

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Evy Johansen commented on January 10, 2007 03:35:
Beautiful, Tad!
Julie "smiles" commented on January 10, 2007 06:33:
Mary C Legg commented on January 10, 2007 20:15:
oh I know this road ever so well from a blizzard-- funny how the brain can recall things years and years after something happened. Yup--rechecked it--and I don't think I will ever forget pulling a U-hall on the back of Toyota Corolla in that neck of the woods during a blizzard.
Joe Shah commented on April 06, 2007 07:29:
Very late Congratulations Ted! Great sharpness throughout and beautiful perspective!

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