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World in Pictures Day II Entry ~ Mary C Legg

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Magnolias Are Blooming and the Horses Are Jumping
by Mary C Legg (pogomcl) 
Kodak Z700
Czech Republic

Photographer Notes:
Spring is here with the first horse-jumping event on Cikanske Ostrov at the stables with the students' competition. Love watching, so I had to go.

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Kathy Shogren commented on April 09, 2007 10:48:
Nice stop-action capture Pogo.
Joy Cobb commented on April 09, 2007 16:34:
Better than the magnolias jumping and the horses blooming! ;) Wonderful action shot, Mary! Beautiful horse.
Mary C Legg commented on April 09, 2007 20:09:
I don't know about that--it might be very interesting to see the magnolias jumping and horses blooming. this is very surprising because it shows much better here on this site than on my computer viewer
Evy Johansen commented on April 09, 2007 21:24:
Wow... this is a wonderful capture, Pogo!!
Sylvia commented on April 10, 2007 07:24:
Wonderful details for an action shot !! Well done Pogo :o)
Mary C Legg commented on April 10, 2007 08:21:
thank-you evy and Sylvia-- I never know how to fit the horse into the camera and they were-- well she was moving very quickly against the clock. I can guage he jumps fairly accurately but not the sprint between gates. She did very well-- and really wish I had better camera because this is really one of my fav pastimes, just clicking horses.
Gord Barter commented on April 10, 2007 19:39:
Very nice action shot pogo!
Mary C Legg commented on April 11, 2007 10:22:
thankyou Gerd

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