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World in Pictures Day III Entry ~ Evy Johansen

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On the Road
by Evy Johansen (evy) 
Canon EOS 350-D / Canon Digital Rebel XT

Photographer Notes:
Heavy traffic on the roads. First weekend of the school vacation.

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Mark Westlake commented on July 09, 2007 14:55:
What a cool image Evy!Great effect!
Helen McHugh commented on July 09, 2007 16:48:
A great motion shot, Evy! ..up to your usual standard!!!
Jill commented on July 09, 2007 20:09:
What a moving image :-) Great one Evy!
B.Batten commented on July 09, 2007 20:25:
I was expecting lions or tigers or bears, but oh my I see racing horses. This is a marvelously powerful moving image. Love it Evy!!.
Linn Smith commented on July 09, 2007 21:04:
Excellent photo demonstrating so well the rush of traffic with holiday vacations. Hope you get to enjoy a restful break also.
David Pratt commented on July 09, 2007 21:30:
Great shot Evy!
Evy Johansen commented on July 09, 2007 22:25:
Thanks a lot, Mark, Helen, Jill, Betty :-), Linn and David!!
James Verhoeven commented on July 09, 2007 23:18:
Cool Evy! I like it!
Sylvia commented on July 10, 2007 00:32:
Super motion shot Evy !!!
Evy Johansen commented on July 10, 2007 01:51:
Thank you very much, James and Sylvia!!
Randie Blunt commented on July 10, 2007 13:38:
Your car's faster than my car. Your car's faster than mine.
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on July 10, 2007 21:55:
Quite the powerful image of fast motion, Evy! I love it. Hope that you have a nice vacation break as well.
LaRee Brownell commented on July 10, 2007 23:37:
Very nicely done Evy!
Marcia Smith commented on July 10, 2007 23:38:
Great motion shot. Beautiful, as always!
Evy Johansen commented on July 11, 2007 00:28:
Thanks a lot Randie, Patrice, LaRee and Marcia!!
Kelvin(Kelly) Hargrove commented on July 11, 2007 01:28:
Incridable shot! My head spins trying to figure out how you got this.
Kathleen Haines commented on July 11, 2007 16:49:
Wow! That is very, very cool! Great shot!
Evy Johansen commented on July 11, 2007 22:24:
Thank you very much Kelly and Kathleen!
Ralph Lehmann commented on July 16, 2007 08:48:
You did very well with this shot. Great motion and detail
Evy Johansen commented on July 23, 2007 02:13:
Thank you so very much, Ralph!! I appreciate!!

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