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World in Pictures (Christmas) Day V Entry ~ Mark Westlake

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7:40 am December 25th, 2007
by Mark Westlake (Mark Westlake) 
Olympus E-510
Beaufort, Co. Kerry

Photographer Notes:
Not a sound! No tinsel, no Christmas tree, no decorations. What a relief!

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Al Mullen commented on December 27, 2007 17:30:
Nice pic. We went out to look at the moon and mars also.
James Verhoeven commented on December 27, 2007 18:04:
A real Silent Night eh. Must have been nice! I had screaming nephews to deal with.
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on December 27, 2007 22:02:
A very quiet and serene setting as the night is ending and daylight is about to peek through. I love the moon shinning through the trees with what looks like a halo around it and the dark cloud passing over above it. Reminds me of the contrast between light and darkness. A wonderful moment to enjoy in your own backyard. Happy New Year, Mark!
Kathleen Haines commented on December 28, 2007 12:05:
Mark, I really like your comment about your photo. Relief, indeed, especially after having been bombarded with holiday displays since August!!
Mitch Spence commented on December 28, 2007 14:27:
Nice effect, Mark, with the focus on the moon, just the right mood for a peaceful Christmas.
RudyL commented on December 29, 2007 23:40:
Nice photo, Serene and tranquil..
Kathy Pazaryna commented on December 30, 2007 18:24:
Beautiful Moon shot Mark Christmas is over and things will be back to normal in the morning just the way you like it !!! AHHHH I can hear that sigh of releif all the way from Ireland to NJ LOL
Mark Westlake commented on December 31, 2007 05:50:
Thanks everyone!
Linn Smith commented on December 31, 2007 18:26:
Beautiful night moon shot displaying a peaceful and calm setting...your description verified the correct mood to have on Christmas day!

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