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World in Pictures (Leap) Day VI Entry ~ Bonnie Lackey

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One More Time
by Bonnie Lackey (forbescat) 
Nikon D2X
Troy, Michigan
United States of America

Photographer Notes:
Perhaps this will be the last snow storm for this winter...

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Evy Johansen commented on March 01, 2008 22:39:
Wow... thats a lot of snow!! Great capture, Bonnie! We have had an unusual winter in Denmark! What I call a "Spring-Winter" :) No frost and no snow...
C Thompson commented on March 01, 2008 22:45:
LOL Bonnie, looks like my yard! I love your presentation of the winter scene!
Kathy Pazaryna commented on March 02, 2008 05:41:
Thats alot of white stuff Bonnie so I guess we don't have to ask how you spent your day. :)
Mary C Legg commented on March 02, 2008 07:43:
snow and snow and snow over there... it's only grey here and my frogs are dreaming of spring prematurely. I've had a serious lack of flies for a weeks now...you can't send me any either by looks of that snow.
Jackie Hamilton commented on March 02, 2008 08:47:
I feel your pain! We have gotten well over 100 inches of snow this year, and I'm running out of places to pile it! Make it stop!!!!
Tom Briggs commented on March 03, 2008 14:11:
A familiar site this season. Great POV and enjoy the rest of the winter. It is not long until spring.

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