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World in Pictures (Memorial) Day VII Entry ~ Kathy Pazaryna

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Taftsville Covered Bridge
by Kathy Pazaryna (Kathy Paz) 
Panasonic Lumix FZ-30
Taftsville, Vermont
United States of America

Photographer Notes:
Vermont has many Great Barns and Covered Bridges in almost every town not hard to find something to photograph and then there is always COWS lots and lots of COWS!!!! LOL

Reader Comments:
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Kathy Shogren commented on May 28, 2008 15:07:
These old bridges are so photogenic. Nice capture Kathy.
Mary C Legg commented on May 28, 2008 16:00:
that's really lovely landscape image-- very romantic.
carole corner commented on May 28, 2008 19:25:
Nice one!
James Verhoeven commented on May 28, 2008 22:45:
Do they have bridges that trucks can cross? How do people get their plasma tv's delivered? It really is a lovely bridge.
Robin-Lee Vieira commented on May 29, 2008 03:03:
I love covered bridges Kathy,this is a beautiful one, and nicely captured!!
Corrin Hatton commented on May 29, 2008 05:50:
what is on the other side of that? I need to know.
Mustafa Kizilcay commented on May 29, 2008 18:59:
Relaxing countryside image, Kathy. The red of the barn and green complement each other very well. Well captured.
Tom Briggs commented on May 30, 2008 18:53:
Lovely image on what looks like a beautiful day.
Arumugam Ganesan commented on May 30, 2008 19:08:
Kathy Pazaryna commented on May 31, 2008 12:45:
Thanks Kathy,Mary,Carole,James,Robin-Lee,Corrin,Mustafa,Tom,and Arumugam for taking the time to a comment.
Kathy Pazaryna commented on May 31, 2008 12:49:
Your comment made me laugh James they do have paved roads with regular bridges for all to cross but when we are in Vermont we love to explore and always choose the road less travled much more interesting things to see and photograph.
Kathy Pazaryna commented on May 31, 2008 12:57:
Corrin After you pass thru the bridge if you turn left it is a dirt road that goes all the way into the Town of Woodstock very narrow in some places if a car is comming in the other direction you may have to stop and let it squeeze by and there is water at the left edge of the road running the length of the road. I did see some Mergansers swimming in there early one morning also great spot for fly fishing as the water is shallow in some spots. Hope that answers your question.
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on June 02, 2008 16:38:
A wonderful representation of a country street one may see in the beautiful State of Vermont. A lovely composition with the special interest of this bridge leading the viewer to the other side. My eye stops to check out the neat patterns of light & shadows as one is passing through the tunnel effect of the bridge. Seems like you really enjoyed your visit there.
john oudshoorn commented on June 04, 2008 05:12:
I have seen bridges like this in a lot of movies, but here in holland we dont have them, i realy like this picture.

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