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World in Pictures (Memorial) Day VII Entry ~ Nancyj Hovey

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Red Wagons
by Nancyj Hovey (IAMnjh) 
Olympus SP-550UZ
Spring Hill, Florida
United States of America

Photographer Notes:
These red wagons are awaiting use at the Spring Hill Botanical Gardens. Taken on 'close up' and zoomed in setting in morning light and in shade.

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Mary C Legg commented on May 28, 2008 16:24:
that's terrific... I can remember playing with one of these as a kid.. very useful thing to have about, but very full of memories too even when they're empty
Nancyj Hovey commented on May 28, 2008 16:29:
Thank you Mary for commenting on my wagon image. Thought it was a great way to celebrate Memorial Day...remembering good things that USA can keep focusing on. 8o)
Sandy J commented on May 28, 2008 17:47:
I just love the compostion of this photo.. brings back memories of young boys carefree and happy. The empty wagons symbolizes a forgotten time...and now they are men..
Nancyj Hovey commented on May 28, 2008 19:28:
Hi Sandy J, thank you for your comments and visiting my image. Glad you understand the emotion of this photo. 8o)
Joyce Webley commented on May 30, 2008 00:24:
Wagons do bring back memories, for sure! Great image, Nancy!
Nancyj Hovey commented on May 30, 2008 06:58:
Joyce, Thank you so much for your comments, and viewing my wagon image. I appreciate it very much. 8o)
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on June 02, 2008 20:56:
I loved to play with red wagons as a child & remember hauling my sis around in one. We also used them for transporting dirt to the garden...much like they were used at these botanical gardens I suspect. Thanks for bringing back fond childhood memories. Great shot, Nancy!
Nancyj Hovey commented on June 02, 2008 21:10:
Patrice, Glad some good memories have been stired up for you, & others I am sure. And thank you for your support. 8o)
Nancyj Hovey commented on June 05, 2008 08:20:
THANK YOU all PhotographyVoice.com and all for this wonderful opportunity! 8o)

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