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World in Pictures Day XIII Entry ~ Patrice Cigallio Wesa

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Merry Christmas
by Patrice Cigallio Wesa (Patrice Cigallio) 
Nikon D-90
Ironwood, Michigan
United States of America

Photographer Notes:
The day was very busy with many unexpected happenings arising so I could not take a picture for WPD until late this evening. I walked over to our neighbor's outdoor tree & took this opportunity to wish each & every one of you a Blessed & Happy Christmas!

Reader Comments:
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Monnie Ryan commented on December 17, 2009 10:47:
Beautiful, Patrice! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!
Helen McHugh commented on December 17, 2009 15:10:
A lovely seasonal capture, Pat! have a wonderful Christmas & a peaceful & Happy New Year!
Kathy Shogren commented on December 17, 2009 15:32:
Beautiful colors in the snow. Merry Christmas to you and yours Patrice!
sue anne rush commented on December 17, 2009 15:37:
Beautiful colorful lights on a snowy darkness. Merry Christmas to you and your family and keep posting your beautiful pictures. :)
susie peek-swint commented on December 17, 2009 15:46:
How lovely Patrice ~ and the perfect capture for the Christmas WPD .. wishing you and your family warm and joyous holidays :)
Ellen Hodges commented on December 17, 2009 16:20:
Very pretty capture, Pat! Merry Christmas to you and your family, too!
Renee Harrell commented on December 17, 2009 19:44:
Wow...under snowfall again! I love the way the lights glow through the snow. Very Christmasy image, Patrice! Thanks for sharing and have a very Merry, Family Christmas and a safe, peaceful New Year!
Arumugam Ganesan commented on December 17, 2009 20:28:
Well, that brings in Christmas spirit. Nice.
Ivan Quiros commented on December 17, 2009 21:11:
Very nice colors and tree for Christmas. Let me send best wishes and greetings in this date to you and relatives Pat, from far away. Have a nice holydays.
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on December 17, 2009 21:16:
Thanks so much Monnie, Helen, Kathy, Sue Anne, Susie, Ellen, Renee, Arumugan & Ivan for your comments & well wishes too.
Efton Ellis commented on December 17, 2009 21:59:
A beautiful seasonal capture Patrice.It was good that you didn't have to venture too far to find your "eCard" to send to all of us.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.
Teri Moyer commented on December 18, 2009 07:09:
Beautiful colors and lovely image of the lights coming through the snow! Merry Christmas and the best wishes for a happy new year!
MaryAnn Oakland commented on December 18, 2009 07:17:
This is so neat, you captured it so well, Merry Christmas to you too.
Kumiko Parkinson commented on December 18, 2009 10:14:
The colorful lights in the snow are so beautiful! Merry Christmas, Pat!!
Evy Johansen commented on December 19, 2009 01:13:
Lovely image, Pat!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Julie Christiansen commented on December 27, 2009 07:38:
I heard you had snow up North. This is most pretty.
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on December 27, 2009 10:28:
Thanks so much Efton, Teri, MaryAnn, Kumiko, Evy & Julie. Warm Season's Greetings to all of you too!

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