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POTD Daily Winners for Monday, April 28, 2008

Effective 11/15/2011 the photographyvoice.com POTD is suspended until further notice.

Expect things to be back up around the first of the year, targeting January 1, 2012.

I appreciate your continued support of the site and hope you'll bear with me during this time. Rest assured this is not a financial or health related issue. Just taking some time off to work on some long overdue improvements.

Please stay tuned to the site as developments progress.

Thanks! Kevin Kitchens

Flowers & Plants
Camellia Bud
Dee Langevin (Dee Langevin)
Canon EOS 30-D

SCORE: 3.15 (10 votes)

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Scenic & Landscape
Waiting for the Ice to Go
Tom Briggs (Sparprts)
Sony A100

SCORE: 3.05 (10 votes)

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Photographic Art & HDR
Lanterns Light
Corrine Niemi (flcats43@comcast.net)
Panasonic Lumix FZ-50

SCORE: 3.30 (10 votes)

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Backlit Subject (04-2008)
Linn Currie (Linn Currie)
Pentax K10D

SCORE: 3.11 (9 votes)

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The Eighth Hole to Infinity
John Caruso (carusophoto)
Canon EOS 400-D

SCORE: 3.19 (8 votes)

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Animals & Wildlife
Richard Luitwieler (dutchgitt)
Panasonic Lumix FZ-18

SCORE: 2.86 (11 votes)

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King of the World!
William wrosenthal (wrosenthal)
Panasonic Lumix FZ-18

SCORE: 2.73 (11 votes)

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Macro: Bugs and Closeups
Colorful Caterpillar
Tamara Shurling (Angelwolfstorm)
Sony A100

SCORE: 2.94 (8 votes)

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Shades of Grey
Ole Flyvbjerg (oleflyv)
Panasonic Lumix FZ-30

SCORE: 2.56 (9 votes)

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Time For Reflection
Steve Webb (webbsm)
Sony A100

SCORE: 2.75 (6 votes)

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Street Scenes
Imperial Carriage Head
chinq chyuan chen (chum6686)
Canon EOS 400-D

SCORE: 2.29 (7 votes)

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Abstract Patterns
Woodland Moss
Meghan Dragosavac (mddragosavac)
Sony A100

SCORE: 2.43 (7 votes)

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