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Photo of the Day ~ General Category ~ September 25, 2006

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Blue Blur Dragon
by Sean Sherstone (N/A) 
Canon EOS 30-D
Somenos Marsh, Duncan, BC, Canada

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Bob Mead commented on November 22, 2006 00:22:
Excellent capture! Love the blurr of the wings and the faint circuler lines between top and bottom positions. Am curious about the lens used and your shutter speed. I see this is an older POTD, however I'm just now discovering this site.
Carol Kalinowski / BlueIce commented on November 29, 2006 06:48:
Absolutely amazing capture!How on earth did you capture this so perfectly?
Andrew Boyd commented on December 20, 2006 04:37:
A spectacular image,Sean!!Congratulations
Jason eade commented on December 23, 2006 20:15:
Awsome shot! Very well done. Congrats.
Roland@Azoresphoto.com commented on January 07, 2007 13:31:
unreal! Fantastic image.
Barbara Bergeron commented on January 11, 2007 22:59:
Cool POTD! Congrats!
Sreten commented on January 13, 2007 13:11:
Awesome photo, Sean. Congrats.
LaRee Brownell commented on January 17, 2007 21:42:
What a fantastic image. The framing and the detail you captured on the dragonfly is really outstanding. Excellent work. Congratulations!
Kirsten Kjaer commented on January 25, 2007 09:07:
GREAT capture, Sean. Not an easy one, I know. Well done. Congratulations!
Germán commented on February 10, 2007 08:23:
Excelente foto!!!!!!!!!!! Saludos desde Argentina.
Evy Johansen commented on March 15, 2007 03:55:
WOW... outstanding shot, Sean!! Big congratulations on your first POTD!
Gretchen commented on March 16, 2007 13:06:
Congrats on this absolutely outstanding shot - your capture of the motion of the wings while retaining such clarity in the dragons body...just super!
Donna Paul commented on March 19, 2007 13:26:
Fabulous action capture...What was the SS used here??? if you don't mind.
Linn Smith commented on March 21, 2007 11:54:
Exceptional photo - you captured wonderful clarity and movement at the same time.
Sharon Isern commented on March 23, 2007 16:17:
Spectacular image. I am learning macro, but getting this good is beyond my wildest dreams.
Monnie Ryan commented on March 31, 2007 09:23:
Absolutely astounding. Congratulations on a well-deserved POTD!
burndog commented on April 06, 2007 19:40:
ya gotta be lucky to be good and you must be good to be lucky. awesome shot!!!
Kim Smith commented on April 07, 2007 12:27:
all I can say is wow!! congrads
Carolyn Brown commented on April 08, 2007 02:06:
Now this is a great shot!
Sharon Isern commented on April 13, 2007 08:54:
Awesome shot! Congratulations on your first POTD.
moonshadow commented on April 13, 2007 15:25:
WOW......WHAT A GREAT photo...congratulations!
RobertZ commented on April 14, 2007 02:02:
Every aspect of this shot is exceptional: light, colour, clarity, background, movement, etc.
Julio de la Nuez commented on April 19, 2007 09:24:
Not only llight, color, sharpness, but composition also. Exelent foto. I am courious too about the lens speed and shutter speed and aperture. Congratulatios
Bill Vickers commented on May 15, 2007 04:48:
very good capture
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on June 01, 2007 16:21:
Congratulations on a marvelous capture. A+ in all ways.
Diane Blackford commented on June 07, 2007 05:56:
Superb capture. Congrats on your POTD
David Flemming commented on June 07, 2007 08:03:
Marvelous image. Excellent in all respects. Congratulations.
Stephen Warshaw commented on June 12, 2007 08:32:
Congrats!! Excellent!
K Danyal commented on July 04, 2007 18:46:
Sean, what a way to make your entrance. COngratulations. If this website had a POTM section, this would be on top of it. WOW.
Cheryl Tessens commented on July 13, 2007 23:58:
Fabulous! Nice catch in motion! Congratulations!
Brian D. Watters commented on July 15, 2007 15:07:
Best macro I've ever seen
Randie Blunt commented on July 15, 2007 16:56:
"Clear to land on runway 3 ?" Beautiful picture.
B.Batten commented on July 16, 2007 18:15:
Such a cool action shot. Wonderful capture. Congratulations
Bev Way commented on July 22, 2007 16:31:
Absolutely brilliant shot!! Congrats
Cheryl Tessens commented on July 26, 2007 23:43:
Awesome capture! I have always wanted to get a shot such as this myself but so far have not had any luck.I love how you caught the movement of the wings.Congrats on your POTD win today!
Subrahmanyam Kambhampaty commented on August 10, 2007 11:24:
Where I can find the Cockpit?
Glenn Urquhart commented on September 07, 2007 06:46:
Fantastic camera work and capture, Beautifu Macro!!!
Jo Vollstedt commented on October 27, 2007 10:24:
Holy Cow! Amazing shot, congratulations!
william moore commented on November 03, 2007 13:27:
blow my mind.....wow what a photo
Tammy commented on November 06, 2007 08:34:
Evy Johansen commented on December 16, 2007 22:44:
Beautiful macro, Sean! Big congratulations on your first POTD!
Evy Johansen commented on December 16, 2007 22:46:
Well... I thoutht I had comment on this one before.. ????+
Tammy commented on December 29, 2007 18:41:
He almost doesn't look real, Great action capture! Congrats
Tammy commented on January 23, 2008 20:50:
great capture
Bill Foxworthy commented on January 25, 2008 05:58:
Super image Sean, congratulations!
Kambhampaty Subrahmanyam commented on January 29, 2008 20:13:
Great Capture Sean!
Patrick Nemodus commented on March 02, 2008 13:17:
Whoooo ! Incredible photo. Really fantastic! Congrats for this POTD Sean!
Lois Sturdivant commented on May 12, 2008 11:30:
Wow, how did you do this!
Kevin L. Kitchens commented on May 30, 2008 09:01:
Love this first POTD for the site!
Kevin L. Kitchens commented on May 30, 2008 09:04:
If anyone knows Sean personally, please invite him to join PV!
Sherstone commented on August 01, 2010 11:45:
It is amazing what you find when you do a search for yourself in the big G. I was talking about this shot with a friend yesterday, and wanted to show him an example. I was expecting a search to show the link of it on my own site Sherstone.com but this pleasant surprise came up first. Thank you everyone for all of your super nice comments! For those of you that are curious about the lens etc... It is a 300mm f4 IS lens, shutter speed is 1/250 and f8 for DOF. Yes it took two weeks off and on of manual focus
susie peek-swint commented on September 29, 2010 02:32:
Great timing and capture .. congrats on being the first POTD!

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