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World in Pictures (888) Day VIII Entry ~ Sampo Vuori

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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
by Sampo Vuori (sampo) 
Olympus SP-560UZ

Photographer Notes:
It's been raining for hours.. and will be. What a gray, dull, depressing day! Then I saw my son, colorful, joyously playing with water in the rain.. It put a smile on my face!

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Kumiko Parkinson commented on August 11, 2008 17:36:
Wonderful color setting with cute, natural posture of your son, he makes a rainy day happy!
Caj Källmalm commented on August 11, 2008 17:38:
Love it! It's just so bizarre that he holds the umbrella when playing in the rain with water :) Love also the lucky coincidence that he wears all blue clothes and boots. Great and warm picture with even though the bad and cold weather!
Joyce Webley commented on August 12, 2008 01:17:
I'm sorry it rained all day, but look what a lovely photo you got out of it! This is so precious!
C. L. Henson commented on August 12, 2008 05:15:
Kids have a way of getting it all in perspective, eh? Great shot, nicely composed and spontaneous. Good work!
Bren Grubb commented on August 12, 2008 19:06:
Awww this pic is fantastic! What a great time he was having with his little makeshift shovel and an umbrella in the rain. That is pure perfection! lol I hope I remember this picture the next time my grandkids ask to go out in the rain. I'll hand em an umbrella and say have at it!
Jane Mountain commented on August 12, 2008 20:21:
Love the bright colors against the brownish-gray background. Well done.
Terry O'Donovan commented on August 13, 2008 14:07:
Nice shot. Tells a very sweet story. Well done.
greg maclachlan commented on August 13, 2008 14:50:
just too cute this one! what we would all give to be that carefree again. nice capture.
Juanita Ruffner commented on August 13, 2008 20:16:
Oh-this is splendid!
Helen McHugh commented on August 14, 2008 04:12:
Wow! the beauty & innocence of youth! A great capture, Sampo!
Sampo Vuori commented on August 18, 2008 16:14:
Sorry for not replying to each of you.. but you're right, kids really put things in perspective and sometimes they are the only bright spots in gloomy days. This photo has it's share of technical flaws but I thought it tells the story.. which is why I take them :-)
Sampo Vuori commented on August 18, 2008 16:14:
Oh, and thanks a lot.. all of you!

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