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World in Pictures (888) Day VIII Entry ~ Monnie Ryan

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Victorian Pavilion
by Monnie Ryan (Monnie) 
Canon Powershot A590
Youngstown, Ohio
United States of America

Photographer Notes:
This is one of two pavilions near the visitor center at Mill Creek Park. The Victorian styling makes it a popular spot for summer weddings.

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Kathy Shogren commented on August 11, 2008 18:12:
This is beautiful, I want one for my backyard. Nice shot Monnie.
Juanita Ruffner commented on August 11, 2008 20:52:
I want one too. Nice shot!
Dick Wyatt commented on August 12, 2008 04:41:
This isn't fair, I should have taken this beauty. What a place .Not only is the building great, the colors are great, the flowers are great, I love it. Dick
Monnie Ryan commented on August 12, 2008 09:39:
Thanks, Juanita, Dick and Kathy! It won't fit in our back yard, sad to say -- but I'd sure love to look at it every day!
Robin-Lee Vieira commented on August 12, 2008 15:02:
What a pretty place! Wonderful detail and clarity captured here! I can see wny they would use it for Weddings..it's lovely!
Helen McHugh commented on August 12, 2008 16:25:
So pretty,Monnie!
Bren Grubb commented on August 12, 2008 16:30:
Wow that's really nice. All our parks have are broken fountains and bird poop. lol You have beauty in your park! Nice pic!
Monnie Ryan commented on August 12, 2008 17:45:
Thanks, Robin-Lee, Helen and Bren!This is one of the largest municipally owned parks in the country, and it is very well taken care of. I just hope it stays that way!
Linn Smith commented on August 14, 2008 08:28:
I can see why this is a popular place for a wedding! Very beautiful setting offset with lovely flowers and rich greenery!

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