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World in Pictures (888) Day VIII Entry ~ Kumiko Parkinson

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Water Lily Pond
by Kumiko Parkinson (Kumiko) 
Sony A100
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States of America

Photographer Notes:
We didn't have a thunderstorm today. As you see here, it was a nice hot day!

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Margaret Barry commented on August 11, 2008 18:24:
Beautiful, Kumiko. Lovely composition, lighting, details and reflections!
Mary C Legg commented on August 11, 2008 19:32:
wow is that beautiful. so tranquil and still. nice details. so much like an oil painting
Juanita Ruffner commented on August 11, 2008 20:57:
Almost abstracty...Beautiful!
Linn Smith commented on August 11, 2008 21:25:
Gorgeous composition with the one lone flower amongst the pads...framed beautifully!
Kumiko Parkinson commented on August 11, 2008 21:49:
Thank you, Margaret, Mary, Juanita and Linn!
Joyce Webley commented on August 12, 2008 01:24:
This is beautiful! I love the clouds reflecting in the water, and it looks so much like a painting!
C. L. Henson commented on August 12, 2008 04:40:
What an interesting shot! It does look a lot like an oil painting. Very nice.
Shapour Vaezi commented on August 12, 2008 06:12:
Wow is that a paradise!?Very ,very beautiful job!Well done as usual!Really a master of flowers as you are!
Kathy Shogren commented on August 12, 2008 09:00:
Beautiful and peaceful scene Kumiko.
Kumiko Parkinson commented on August 12, 2008 09:50:
I appreciate your nice comments, Joyce, C.L, Shapour and Kathy, thanks a lot!
Robin-Lee Vieira commented on August 12, 2008 14:28:
Beautiful! Love the shadows, reflections, color and detail in this lovely composition!
Bren Grubb commented on August 12, 2008 15:19:
Everything about this shot is great! Colors, subject, reflections of clouds and cattails, all awesome!
brandon daryle commented on August 12, 2008 16:20:
This is a great shot... it is hard to stop looking at it as you framed it flawlessly.
Kumiko Parkinson commented on August 12, 2008 16:24:
Thank you so much, Robin-Lee and Bren!
Kumiko Parkinson commented on August 12, 2008 16:27:
Thank you, guys, for your wonderful comments!! Thanks Brandon, we crossed in cyberspace!
Mustafa Kizilcay commented on August 12, 2008 19:15:
Kireina keishoo-ne, Kumiko (is it correct?). Well seen and framed, nice shot with different elements and one flower!
Helen McHugh commented on August 20, 2008 05:33:
A beautiful capture, Kumiko! Reminds me of Monet garden!
Kumiko Parkinson commented on August 20, 2008 07:40:
Thank a lot, Mustafa and Helen!
Patrice Cigallio Wesa commented on August 23, 2008 00:17:
A lovely composition, Kumiko, and a very beautiful place to spend part of your day. Excellent reflections of the clouds in the pond and I love the look of the long grasses too. This scene looks like a painting....gorgeous!
Kumiko Parkinson commented on August 23, 2008 07:24:
Thanks, Pat!!

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