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Photoshop CS5 12.0.2 Update Available

Published in Photography News by Kevin L. Kitchens on December 07, 2010 12:25

On the heels of the Lightroom 3.3 update, Adobe has also released an update for their flagship Photoshop CS5 (v12) product. The 12.0.2 update addresses several performance issues (i.e. bugs) including:

  • A number of potential security vulnerabilities have been addressed
  • Top type and font crashers found in the field have been addressed
  • A number of performance issues have been addressed
  • Crash opening 3D layers has been addressed
  • Color Engine crash has been resolved
  • Intermittent file format issues addressed
  • Shift scrolling bug fixed
  • Sharpen crasher fixed
  • Marching ants not seen at certain zoom levels fixed
  • Metadata focus distance issue addressed
  • File info bug addressed for Orphea Studio jpg's
  • TWAIN crashers fixed
  • Brush cursor bug fixed
  • Histogram progress bar issue fixed
  • Droplet issues addressed

Download via the Adobe Updater or their update site: http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/

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Evy Johansen commented on December 10, 2010 01:27:
Hm, I didn't get a message of this opdate... Thanks for the information, Kevin!! I appreciate!

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