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August 25, 2011
Olympus Mini PEN Camera Announced

Olympus today announced the newest addition to their PEN line of micro- DSLR cameras, the PEN E-PM1 or "PEN mini" features a 12.3 megapixel sensor, 12,800 ISO (!) and full 1080i HD video in stereo.

It will retail for $499.99 with body and lens (14-42mm) as well as the FL-LM1 Flash. Availability is expected this September.

For more details, read the full press release below.


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Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on August 25, 2011 17:34 
Last updated by: on August 25, 2011 17:35

March 03, 2011

Olympus Updates the E-PL2 and E-5

Today Olympus announces the release of firmware updates for the E-PL2 and E-5.


Today’s version 1.1 update for the E-PL2 allows for increased control when using the new Add-on Conversion Lenses. The update changes the default setting of the Image Stabilizer to “On” when a photographer selects converter lens scene modes Fisheye (for use in conjunction with Fish-eye Lens Converter FCON-37), Wide-Angle (with Wide-angle Lens Converter WCON-37), and Macro (with Macro Lens Converter MCON-58).


Today’s version 1.1 update for the E-5 ensures that the camera’s LCD monitor’s color compensation will not be automatically reset.

To download and install these firmware updates, simply launch Olympus camera software and connect the camera via USB cable to an internet connected computer. Choose the Update function from the Camera menu in the software and the update for camera bodies, lenses and accessories can be effected.

The ability to update the firmware of E-System and PEN components -- bodies, lenses, flash units -- is one of the key advantages of a 100% digital design. Firmware updates are available through Olympus Master, Olympus Studio and Olympus' standalone firmware updater.

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Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on March 03, 2011 11:04 
Last updated by: on March 03, 2011 11:04

January 08, 2010

Iron Things Out With Olympus' Two New FE Cameras

Entry level photographers have two new cameras to choose from in Olympus' FE line. The FE-4020 and FE-47 short-zoom cameras feature 14 megapixel resolution, SD compatibility, in-camera art filters and more. The 5x FE-47 will be available this month for $119.99 and the 4x FE-4020 ships in February for a street price of $149.99. [MORE]

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Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on January 08, 2010 17:12 

Zoom in With Three New Olympus Stylus Cameras

Three new pocket zoom cameras from Olympus were announced at CES, the 7x Stylus-7040 and Stylus-7030 and the 5x Stylus-5010. The 14 megapixel cameras feature HD Video and SD card compatibility. Look for them in February 2010 for $249.99 for the 7040 and $199.99 for the other two. [MORE]

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Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on January 08, 2010 17:03 

Olympus Gets Tough With SD

Olympus announced several cameras at CES, including the Stylus TOUGH-3000 model that is "as smart as it is durable". New to Olympus is the integration of the popular SD card (up to 32 GB) - finally. The TOUGH-3000 will retail for $229.99 and will be available this spring. [MORE]

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Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on January 08, 2010 16:55 

December 11, 2009

Olympus Master Software Update

Olympus sends word that they've updated the Olympus Master software to v 2.3 to allow for "the development of E-P2 RAW files using the Diorama and Cross Process Art Filters and iEnhance picture mode using the Windows 7 and Mac OS X v 10.16 (Snow Leopard) Operating Systems."

The update can be downloaded at: http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/oima_softwaremaster.asp

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Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on December 11, 2009 15:14 

November 05, 2009

Two New Micro-Four Thirds Lenses In Development for 2010

Designed for the PEN E-P1 and E-P2 cameras

Also from Olympus today, two new lenses for the micro-four-thirds format are being developed. A 9-18mm super wide and a 14-150mm telezoom. [MORE]

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Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on November 05, 2009 10:18 

Olympus Unveils E-P2

Newest Addition in PEN Camera Line

According to Olympus the pen is now mightier than ever as they announce the next edition of the Pen camera series. The E-P2 features 12.3 megapixel resolution, interchangeable lenses, the four-thirds sensor format, audio and video.

It is slated for release December 2009 and will sell in two different configurations for an MSRP of $1099. [MORE]

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Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on November 05, 2009 10:10 

July 22, 2009

Three New Cameras in the Olympus FE Series

Additionally Olympus unveiled three new entries in their FE line of compact cameras. All featuring 12MP, wide-angle zoom, and loads of in camera features and filters. They are slated for September 2009 release. [MORE]

Keywords: olympus  fe  ofe5020  ofe4000  ofe46  
Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on July 22, 2009 10:44 

Olympus' New Stylus-7010 Features 7x Wide Angle Zoom

Available August 2009 for $199 US

Olympus announced today their newest in the Stylus series: the 12MP, 7x optical zoom Stylus-7010. The lens ranges from 28mm to 196mm (35mm eq.) and is pocket-ready at only one inch thick when the lens is retracted. Due for release next month, this camera will retail for $199 US. [MORE]

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Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on July 22, 2009 10:41 
Last updated by: on July 22, 2009 10:46

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