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July 27, 2009
Corel Sale on Photo Editing Software

Runs through July 31, 2009

Corel is running special summer sale through July 31 if there are any tools like Painter or Paint Shop Pro that you've been meaning to get, but waiting for a good price. For Painter they are offering a free 80GB harddrive with the download version.

    Among the deals:
  • Paint Shop Pro X2 for $49.99

  • Painter 11 for $399/$199 (upgrade) with 80GB harddrive and free shipping

  • Photo and Video Bundle for $79.99

  • PhotoImpact X3 for $39.99/$29.99 (upgrade)

Corel is also working with XRite offering the new ColorMunki color calibration tool for $50 off the $499 retail price.

Full details at: http://communications.corel.com/servlet/website/ResponseForm?JhkLsEcNsR_.2eLHs7sLkm_1z_zLnUErLOpgFiLpKLODJht

Keywords: corel  paintshop  painter  digital darkroom  colormunki  xrite  
Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on July 27, 2009 08:03 

February 24, 2009

Corel Painter 11 Preview

Next version of digital art program due tomorrow.

Corel held an online webinar today to unveil details of their soon to be released Painter 11 software. Painter 11 will ship digitally tomorrow and in "earth friendly" boxes on March 18. The electronic version will cost $30 less for both upgrade and full versions. An academic version is also available for only $99 (provided you qualify). [MORE]

Keywords: corel  painter  digital darkroom  
Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on February 24, 2009 13:41 
Last updated by: on February 24, 2009 13:41

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