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Corel Painter 11 Preview

  ...Next version of digital art program due tomorrow.

Published in Photography News by Kevin L. Kitchens on February 24, 2009 13:41

Corel held an online webinar today to unveil details of their soon to be released Painter 11 software. Painter 11 will ship digitally tomorrow and in "earth friendly" boxes on March 18. The electronic version will cost $30 less for both upgrade and full versions. An academic version is also available for only $99 (provided you qualify).

Some of the cooler features demonstrated:
  • Dry media brushes - Using Wacom, can use angle and rotation to create an edge for different textures and effects.
  • Sharpie pen brush. Velocity of stroke affects amount of ink absorbed into the paper based on the time the tip is at a given area -- slower = bolder, faster = lighter.
  • New category: Markers. Like watercolors, build up as you add "ink" to the same area.
  • Blending brushes use angle features
  • You can use any brushes as cloners, so the textures of the brushes and interaction with media affect the cloning.

    Other features
  • Improved mixer pallette. Can be saved and resized to reveal more color options.
  • Email directly from within Painter.
  • PNG format supported so your art can have transparent areas.
  • JPG Quality slider.
  • Layer Selections, select content on multiple layers as well as to merge into a single selection or just areas that overlap.
  • Polygonal selection/freehand selection tool in one. Click point-to-point or click and drag for freehand.
  • Transformations, warps, resizing of layers/selections.
  • Color management -- profile stored in file.
  • Multiple core/processor support.
  • Mac/PC in same box. Vista 64bit compatible.
  • Tutorials available soon by Painter "masters".

Pricing is: $429 Full, $229 upgrade, $99 Academic, $399 ESD Full, $199 ESD Upgrade

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