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Perfectly Clear Updated to 1.0.3

Published in Photography News by Kevin L. Kitchens on November 24, 2009 12:07

Athen Tech has a released a 1.0.3 update to their Photoshop plugin Perfectly Clear. It fixes some trial version issues among other things. As a thank you for your patience, they are offering a 15% off coupon code for any order. You can download the fix at http://www.athentech.com/index.php?id=101 and read more details here.
  1. On some systems, during trial mode, pressing the “about” button would cause Photoshop to crash.
  2. On some systems, during trial mode, adjusting the slider bars would cause Photoshop to crash.
  3. 16 bit noise removal – noise removal was not properly being applied to 16 bit images once you pressed the “okay” button in our plug-in.
  4. Install process – .NET is required in order for our plug-in to run, and Adobe acrobat reader is required to read the User Manual. Our installer now detects if these are installed, and if not, it will provide you with download links.
  5. Our plug-in currently works with Photoshop Elements, but the installer doesn’t install for Elements. Now it does.

    Known Issues We’ll Address
  1. Some 16-bit images (e.g. from .dng ) cause Photoshop to crash after pressing the OK button from the plug-in.
  2. Currently our plug-in only works on the background image (what you get when you first load your image). If you convert the background to a layer, you will get the following error message “"Unable to process this color space---Perfectly Clear can process only RGB in this version.". Version 1.0 of our plug-in does not work on layers. We realize now we should have provided this in Version 1.0. The work around for now is to immediately process your image with Perfectly Clear, then go from there.
  3. The Trial message window pops up every time the plug-in starts. We’ll change this to once per day or something a bit less intrusive.

Our experience has been in licensing our multi patented technology to large labs, online companies and equipment vendors for 8 years. This is our first product built for the end-user, so to thank you for your feedback and patience as we work through these version 1.0 issues, we are offering you a 15% coupon code good until December 7th. Please enter this when purchasing - 19747B90

Your feedback is important. Please let us know how Perfectly Clear plug-in is working for you.
The Athentech Team

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