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Annoying PSP Photo Bug

  ...Glitch removes EXIF from file

Published in Kitchens' Sink by Kevin L. Kitchens on November 14, 2006 11:23

Have been working with PSP Photo XI for awhile now and just noticed a VERY annoying bug that of course wouldn't be so obvious. When you duplicate an image in version X, the EXIF data is properly carried over to the copy -- so you can always preserve your originals. In version XI, however, the EXIF data is simply discarded in the copy.

Now a painful, but simple workaround, is to either work on your original directly and then remember to Save As... a new filename or do a Save As... right off the bat. Neither option is very convenient. In the former, you have to be careful of hitting Save (CTRL-S) during the editing process and overwriting the file accidentally (setting the read-only flag here would be helpful). In the latter, you have to commit to keeping the edited version prior to any edits -- such that if you find the photo isn't going to work, you have to remember to delete the working copy.

Word is that a patch from Corel is due in December. I think JASC used to be a lot faster at getting quick fixes out the door.

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