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ACDSee Pro 3 Public Beta Period Begins

  ...Expected to release in Fall 2009

Published in Photography News by Kevin L. Kitchens on May 27, 2009 10:21

ACD Systems has annouced the public beta period of ACDSee Pro 3.0 is now open. Interested photographers can download the public beta and use it free of charge until its final release later this fall.


ACDSee Pro 3 Fulfills Photographers' Need for Speed, Flexibility and Value
Public beta testing begins on next-generation ACDSee Pro software with an easy-to-use workflow structure, dynamic image processing, plus extended online publishing tools

VICTORIA, British Columbia – May 27, 2009 – ACD Systems International Inc. is accelerating photography workflow with the development of ACDSee™ Pro 3, a new version of its three-year-old software now available for public beta testing. Anticipated for full release in the fall, ACDSee Pro 3 retains the same fast and flexible features photographers rely upon for their creative work and incorporates an enhanced user experience that delivers a professional level of support at a tremendous value.

ACDSee Pro 3 is now open for beta testing by photographers all over the world. The company expects several thousand professionals to participate in the beta period and lend feedback in the development process, much like the 2,500 testers who helped shape the Pro 2 version. Beta downloads are available at www.acdseepro.com.

This new release from ACD Systems emphasizes four areas of activity – manage, view, process and online – that optimize photography workflow from start to finish in one application.

"Every new feature in ACDSee Pro 3 is geared around saving time and making a photographer's workflow process customizable," said Cam Carmichael, product manager for ACD Systems. "Beta test participants will see a uniquely flexible image processing mode that helps photographers streamline and speed up the work involved in perfecting and preparing their photos for publication."

Introduced in early 2006, ACDSee Pro has historically focused on mode-based workflow, so this new update will be familiar to current ACDSee Pro users.

"Each mode is a continuation of the functions that ACDSee Pro customers have always utilized in their workflow," said Carmichael. "The Pro 3 structure simply makes the features easier to find and ties together all the activities in a seamless fashion from start to finish, all in one application."

Intuitive workflow
To help accelerate workflow, ACDSee Pro 3's refined interface is built around the key steps of managing, viewing and processing images. Designed in consultation with an advisory board of existing users to ensure continuity, the enhanced interface makes it easier to stay oriented within the application as the user moves between modes.

Manage: Digital asset management
ACDSee Pro 3 provides photographers with the capability to manage digital assets to their own specifications using both folders and metadata. The manage mode speeds the process of browsing, cataloging, retrieving, and presenting collections with new, flexible time-saving tools. New additions to the robust sharing capabilities allow users to distribute their creative work effortlessly through SMTP-enabled e-mail applications such as Google™ Gmail and Yahoo!® Mail Plus, and publish images to their Web sites via a new FTP uploader. As in previous versions of ACDSee Pro, ACDSee Pro 3 supports the management of more than 100 file types and will be frequently updated to support the latest RAW formats when new camera models are released.

View: Unparalleled image viewing
In view mode, images can be seen in full size at unparalleled speeds. Photographers can quickly scan through selected images with click advance or auto advance features, or flip between images using the new filmstrip window and remain oriented within a large group of files.

Process: Dynamic imaging processing
ACDSee Pro 3's unique process mode integrates two highly prized capabilities – nondestructive image editing and precise pixel-level editing – into one seamless application. Users can take advantage of the new mode to dynamically adjust images of any format, from RAW files to TIFFs and JPEGs, and easily complete both global nondestructive adjustments and pixel-level editing on any image in one intuitive workflow. Unlike other programs that make users wait while changes apply, ACDSee Pro 3 allows users to see the outcome of their adjustments in real time.

"The new process mode is one of our most significant innovations, in terms of helping photographers save time, since we introduced our still-unmatched image viewing technology," said Mark Franklin, president of ACD Systems. "ACDSee Pro 3 offers tremendous pro-level image management and editing capabilities at a great value."

Online: Photo sharing with free storage
Photographers can easily store and share images online without leaving the application in ACDSee Pro 3's new online mode, which connects users to a free 2 GB account on the ACDSee Online Web site. The online mode is a convenient way to create, store, share and manage albums and access images when away from the desktop computer. ACDSee Pro 3 image folders can quickly and easily be dragged and dropped, with metadata, directly on the secure, password-protected online storage space. ACDSee Online, which is powered by Amazon Web Services™, the same secure infrastructure that backs Amazon.com and its affiliated sites, offers a hierarchical folder tree structure so images can be easily organized.

ACDSee Pro 3 is in beta testing at www.acdseepro.com until its release. The full release of the product is anticipated in Fall 2009. At that time, ACDSee Pro 3 will be available for a free 30-day trial and for purchase at $169.99 (USD) by visiting www.acdseepro.com. Registered owners of ACDSee Pro, Pro 2 and Pro 2.5 will be eligible for upgrade at $90 (USD).

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