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Site Announcements and Updates

Changes, updates, and announcements about photographyvoice.com itself.
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November 04, 2008

World in Pictures Day delayed until December 6, 2008

Web hosting errors forced postponement

The company we pay good money to host this loveable little mess decided to move our server without proper notification. Not only did they move it, they didn't move it correctly, which broke the ability to upload World in Pictures Day entries as well as POTD.

Since I was not aware of this until well after the submission time had begun and then it was going to take some time to get it all fixed, I felt it was only fair to postpone this edition of the WPD for one month.

Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on November 04, 2008 00:00 

November 14, 2008

Changes to the site

New news pages, reviews, blogs

I've finally completed some tasks I've been meaning to do since the site opened, the lack of which really made it hard for me to add and edit news items, site updates, site feedback, blogging, etc.

As a quick and dirty from the start, I was using blogger.com to edit and post updates and would then publish them to photographyvoice. The problem here was their interface was separate from the site and didn't really integrate well with PV. [MORE]

Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on November 14, 2008 14:28 
Last updated by: on December 03, 2008 16:43

November 21, 2008

We're Back!!!

Never, ever, ever, use EasyCGI for web hosting!

Finally! We're back. What a trip this had been. My goodness. Need to test uploading and will restore it shortly and POTD will resume at midnight. If you care about the reasons, you can click the read more link. But thanks go to the gang at InfoQuest Technologies, our original web hosting service. You don't know what you got until it's gone and Norm, Luke, Brian, Brian and Scott are the best tech support guys ever! [MORE]

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Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on November 21, 2008 23:50 
Last updated by: on December 03, 2008 16:43

November 22, 2008

POTD Submission Open

Previous entries extended four days

The title says it all. POTD uploading is open again.

I also set the expiration of all entries to four days later, so they will still be active if they were before the "trouble".

Keywords: potd  pv  
Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on November 22, 2008 01:36 

November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Count your blessings, name them one by one...

I wanted to take a moment, on this the third Thanksgiving here at photographyvoice.com, to formally wish everyone in the United States a very Happy Thanksgiving!

And to everyone else around the world it's never a bad time to reflect on everything you have to be thankful for. Digital photography is a wonderful hobby and artform and it brings together via the internet people who might never have met otherwise. I hope that photographyvoice.com has contributed in some small way to your enjoyment of the art and artists in our chosen area.

I am thankful for each and every one of you who takes a moment from your busy day to visit this site, share your photos, encourage others, and just be a part of the photographyvoice.com family of friends.

You have made the site what it is in this short period of time. Again, grateful!

May the next few days be filled with love, family, joy and happiness. And thanks.

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Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on November 27, 2008 00:00 
Last updated by: on November 26, 2008 18:05

December POTD Category - Christmas

Now open and ready for entries

The December 2008 POTD category is, as promised, the popular "Christmas" theme. Sights, sites, and lights. Share your Christmas-themed photos the entire month!

The category is now open and ready for submissions. As setting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving is a common tradition, don't forget to take some arty shots as you share with your family!

Keywords: potd  
Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on November 27, 2008 11:54 

November 28, 2008


View last seven days winners at a glance

Added a new feature today. You can now view the last seven days worth of POTD winners on a single page. You will see each day list as a column with the winners and some details of each. As usual, click on any of these entries to jump right to the full view page. Hope you enjoy!

Keywords: potd  
Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on November 28, 2008 22:36 

November 29, 2008

World in Pictures Day - One Week Away

December 6, 2008 marks the 9th edition of global event

Don't forget, World in Pictures Day is just one week away. The event was originally scheduled for November 4th, but had to be delayed to the server issues we were enduring.

Full details on the World in Pictures Day site.

Keywords: wpd  
Article posted by: Kevin L. Kitchens on November 29, 2008 15:57 

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