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Published in Site Announcements and Updates by Kevin L. Kitchens on October 17, 2009 19:04

We apologize that someone signed up for an account and used it to spam our members with annoying scam emails. Typically restricting mail to account holders solves the problem, but this person went through the account creation process to get around it.

A few reported the problem yesterday but never provided us with followup information, so we weren't exactly sure if this was a true problem.

If you received a message from Levi Belle, we apologize and their account has been blocked. Should they try again with a new account, please let us know ASAP.


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Ronnie Humerickhouse commented on October 18, 2009 00:21:
Yes i got the spam email from,,Levi Belle
Karen Allen commented on October 18, 2009 10:24:
I received this email too. There was nothing in the message section, so I just ignored and deleted it. I'm glad I did! Thanks!
Linda Burgess commented on October 19, 2009 04:57:
I received the spam email and, like Karen, there was nothing in the message section. After contacting PV to say I can never see anything in the message section when I receive private messages, I rather stupidly sent Levi Belle an email to say I couldn't read his message. I am now being pestered by Levi Belle and I am not at all happy about it. If messages were visible to start with, this wouldn't have happened. I think that changes need to be made to the private messaging system to prevent this happening a
Kevin L. Kitchens commented on October 19, 2009 13:56:
Some emails get seen by some browsers and email packages. The messages are there if you highlight the text with the cursor. We're looking into what we can do to prevent this and make the messages readable for everyone.
Linda Burgess commented on October 19, 2009 17:32:
Thanks Kevin. I appreciate your efforts.

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